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Asiatique Ancient Tea House

Situated in a 111-year-old heritage house, first built in 1912 as part of the East Asiatic Company's warehouse which is Thailand's first trading pier, Asiatique Ancient Tea House invites local residents and international visitors to step into a world of colonial grandeur and classical grace. The menu has been crafted distinctively by Pagoda Chinese Restaurant, the award-winning restaurant at Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen's Park hotel. The concept is based on the story of Emperor Shen Nong, who first discovered tea 4,000 years ago. Along with silk, porcelain and spices, tea became one of the most popular products traded between Siam and China.

The original century-old building has been fully restored and refurbished with a designed concept that showcases a "Celestial Hint from Heaven" with a modern classic Chinese style scheme. Wall prints, porcelain collections, art installations, the Horseshoe Arch and an extended balcony enhance the overall ambiance. 

Asiatique Ancient Tea House unfolds as a living museum for tea enthusiasts, offering a journey through the art and history of tea. The three stories of "Tea Discovery and Tea Culture" are embodied in distinct spaces: Hint of Heaven, a glasshouse surrounded by greenery; 1890's Blend Gallery, an exhibit of fine tea selections; and The Blooming on the second floor, symbolizing the flourishing era of tea culture. The colonial characteristics of the original historic building have been preserved and accentuated.